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OLJO EU Top 100 Singles-Charts OLJO German Radio Charts Top 100 German Club Charts by OLJO OLJO Music Video Top 100 Germany
1. Katy Perry
Hot N Cold
    / 1st week /
2. Alexandra Burke
3. Beyoncé
If I Were A Boy
Euro Top 100 Singles Chart
European Airplay Charts
European Top 100 (EU) / last weeks best selling downloads + singles in the European Union. The music hitlist Europe. OLJO Euro Charts!
1. Katy Perry
Hot N Cold
  / 8th week /
2. Pink
3. The Killers
German Charts Radio
Radio Charts Germany: Top 100 chart of the most requested
current hit songs at the main German radio stations.
1. R.I.O.
When The Sun Comes Down
    / 7th week /
2. Katy Perry
Hot N Cold
3. Dave Darell
German Dance Chart
German Club and Dance Charts: Hitlist of the most popular dance tracks in Germany this week. Top 75.
1. T.I. & Rihanna
Live Your Life
   / 1st week /
2. Katy Perry
Hot N Cold
3. The Killers
Music Video Charts
Music Video hitparade: the most viewed music video clips by visitors of OLJO. Official videos only! Additional genre hitlists: Rock / R&B Hip Hop / Dance / Alternative and more.
German Charts: The best selling digital tracks in Germany
Number 1
Katy Perry
Hot N Cold
Number 2
Polarkreis 18
Allein Allein
Number 3
Hit Of The Week
Mando Diao
Dance With Somebody Video
German Charts Top 20Greatest Gainers Top 20
Hello and welcome to OLJO! Your information portal when it comes to German and European music charts.
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What's OLJO about? Well, as you can see it's all about music charts. We offer a variety of hitlists mainly focusing on Germany and Europe as a whole. All our OLJO charts are compiled by ourselves. OLJO was established Nov 1st, 2002 and is continuously online since.
Check out our charts, hopefully they will entertain and inform you. We have some nicely designed charts.
About 85% of all listings in our charts have a link to the official online-video. You may even find a new personal favourite song you haven't heard of before while browsing our charts. Though all our chartpages are in German we hope it's not too difficult to navigate even if you have no clue about German :-).
We recommend to visit our video charts, if you want to have an instant overview of those songs which are the most happening with our German visitors. Note: very few videos linked might not be available for useres outside Germany.
The bulk of our non-german speaking international visitors come from the United States of America, Poland, Belgium, Italy, France and Australia.
New: Global Charts Top 100!
From now on we will publish the 'OLJO World Singles Charts' on a weekly basis.
Stefanie oder Leona?
The Hits cannot get any bigger. We are proud to announce that from now on we will publish the Global Charts Top 100. The World Singles Charts, featuring the best selling and most listened to popular music hits from around the world (covering about 97% of the commercial world music market). Continue to the Global Charts
New: The UK Singles Charts Top 10 and more!
From now on we present England's best selling singles hits (downloads) of the week.
Stefanie oder Leona?
Bringing to you the sound of London. A well designed Chart will give you a quick overview about those songs Britain's online music buyers are most eager to get on their devices. Our chart does not include all sold formats, it rather concentrates on one-track digital full-track music downloads. Our England Top 40 Hitlist represents a fairly good overview about the British music scene. All entries in our chart have a link to the official promotional video, if available. Furthermore, we have added download-links for those of our visitors who may wish to purchase a certain song (if the song is available in Germany). Continue to the UK Top 10 Charts
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